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The main difference of Legal Wiki - we talk about the laws in an accessible form that is understandable to people without legal education. The text on the pages must be clear even to a teenager. The project is designed to help any inhabitant of the planet to quickly understand the necessary laws, retold in simple language without distortion, which shuts down the brain and interferes many people from understanding the essence.

I am a businessman and I had to study one of the federal laws. All laws are in the public domain, but when I began to read it, I realized that I could not understand what exactly was written there, without an outline. The brain refused to work with the complicated, confusing office language, in which most of the laws of the planet are written. I opened the text file and began to translate all articles into paragraphs into simple language. A few hours later I had a readable document in a language I could understand. And I thought: it would be nice if I have not spend so much time and could immediately read this text, finding it in the network.

So the idea of ​​the Legal Wiki was born like that. Are you an entrepreneur who just decided to understand the law you need? College law student? Are you a housewife who is suspecting that your rights have been violated? Or just decided to defend yourself in court? Look for ready-made outlines of laws on this site. Not found? Make your own so that others can use it. Do not write only for yourself. Legal Wiki is a place where you can do this for the benefit of others. Are you a lawyer with a diploma in charge of legal aid to the poor? Write out summaries of the most relevant laws in your segment in simple language and send them to clients as a memo.

Just do not forget that the laws are constantly being supplemented and changed, so compare the latest version of the document here and update the law on the official portal of the country whose laws you are studying. To this end, under each outline of the law, there is a link to the state portals of the countries of the world with the latest versions published on them. Do not forget to post such links while creating your outline.

Legal Wiki is an international multilingual project. Are you an American who decided to move to Russia? Outline the Russian laws you need in your native English for the English-speaking world. If you need it, then it is useful to others. Are you a Libyan refugee who moved to Sweden? Create in the table on the main page in the line "Sweden" a link "السويد" and translate Swedish laws into colloquial Arabic, accessible to native speakers of Arabic without legal education.

Do not forget to translate this text into your native language and paste it into the home page of the country whose laws you are going to take down. The link to the main page of the laws of a country is always located in the table of countries on the main page of the Legal Wiki project.